Spousal Sponsorship Agreement Canada

If you retain the services of our Canadian spouse sponsorship lawyer, we will send your sponsorship application to the federal government in Canada. Our sponsoring spouse will also handle all communications with Immigration Canada on your behalf. If a change in information has occurred during the processing of the application for permanent residence, the processing body advises the CPC. The CPC will contact the sponsor if necessary. For the admission of a new family member, they will order the developer and applicant to provide additional forms and supporting documentation necessary for the reassessment of eligibility. On December 15, 2016, the Liberal government of Canada announced a series of significant changes to the family sponsorship immigration process. The CPC can process a sponsorship application for an adopted child or a child to be adopted (including an unnamed child). In order for the children to be adopted, the parents must initiate proceedings with the relevant P/T adoption authorities before the sponsorship application is filed. For children who are not yet mentioned, it is the sponsor`s responsibility to notify the IRCC as soon as the child has been identified and to provide the child`s full name and date of birth.

The office that processes the application ensures that the file is updated with the new information. More detailed instructions can be found in the IMM 5196, Appendix A: Sponsorship of an adopted child or a child you wish to adopt. These amendments make the spising sponsorship process more effective than ever in Canada, but have no influence on the legal requirements for family or legal sponsorship. While it is now possible to sponsor a man or woman faster than ever before in Canada, applicants still have to prove to Immigration Canada that all conditions for sponsoring holiday stays in Canada are met. The forms required to sponsor a spouse for immigration to Canada have also changed, so be careful not to use an outdated document checklist. If the person you are sponsoring or one of your support creditors receives financial assistance through a federal, provincial or municipal assistance program for the duration of the contract, you will not meet your obligations. In most spop sponsorship cases in Canada, you do not need to meet a minimum income to sponsor your spouse, spouse or spouse. However, you must sign a commitment in the agreement to cover the basic financial needs of the person you sponsor, usually for a period of three years. If you are based in Quebec, you will have to pay an additional application fee to the province of Quebec if you apply to Quebec. For more information, see Quebec Fees and payment methods. Do not enter this additional fee with the sponsorship application you submit to the IRCC. Note: You will receive all processing fees except the $75 sponsorship fee.