No Rental Agreement Notice

I`m moving into an apartment a year ago this month. 6 months in I could not pay me rent, so I went to my landlord and I explained that I was going to leave, but if it was possible, he asked me if I was doing a carpentry job and said, yes he put me to work on one of his properties, since we have an oral agreement (I never signed anything , even when I moved in) I did a $500 rental work. It worked very well, I`m doing the job he`s asking me to do to thank me for helping me do things that he doesn`t ask me to do, but I know I have to do. It gets well over $500 rental fee, but the deal was that I wasn`t working in cash for rent, so I keep working. A few months ago he had an operation of a blow stuck in his stretcher witch made him sick, which was all said, took on me twice already, telling me to do my business a move and then turn around an hour or so later an excuse tells me I can stay . So today is the tired time to do it, he tells me that he does not have enough work from me for rent and that most normal jobs work 40 hours a week, if I work only 4 to 6 hours a day 3 or 4 days a week, but they add up hours a day quickly and work that I do , it would cost him so much more than the $500 in my apartment every month. I think what I ask is what to do against threats to expose myself?? If it exists, I can`t help but be thrown into the street after working so hard to live here. Please contact me with any thoughts, suggestions of facts that may refer to the underlying issue here.. Thank you in advance for all your time remark about this. It`s a great day. Often, a tenant may refuse access to a landlord because of their right to privacy, although there are exceptions.

A tenant cannot refuse entry in the event of an emergency that the landlord must face if the tenant has abandoned the property or, in some cases, when the police respond to a crime. The landlord must report it when he needs to enter the unit to make repairs or improvements, or if he shows the apartment to a tenant or a potential buyer. This notification should be appropriate and, as a general rule, take place at least 24 to 48 hours in advance. Hello my friend is renting a room in a living room and it was said that she had to leave before the end of the week. She does not have a contract, but she accepted a price and paid for the week. Can the lord of the country drive them away? The property or should it serve their message with a legitimate cause and give it 28 days to distribute the property? Talk to your nearest citizen council if your rental agreement says you need to do so and you don`t want to. An owner may be responsible for mold when he created the state that developed the shape. You may also be responsible for not correcting a mold outbreak in your unit, even if you include a clause in the lease to deny this responsibility.