Ncms Collaboration Agreement

View original This is the fourth cooperation agreement that NCMS has secured as An Executive Partner of DoD for the Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities program, as reported Tuesday by the Centre. The end result of the collaboration will demonstrate the potential for future value creation that brings parts of the digital world to the physical world, through the use of a secure distributed platform and additive manufacturing technologies. East Aurora, NY – Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG. A and MOG. B) and NCMS signed an 18-month contract to carry out co-financed work to support the application of Moog`s VeriPart™ solution and adapt blockchain technology for additive manufacturing. With this agreement, The Moogs VeriPart™ solution can be demonstrated via Microsoft Azure Blockchain. NCMS will provide project and contract management, using this project to improve the Department of Defense`s (DoD) knowledge of blockchain technology. The project will allow DoD to assess the blockchain`s ability to adapt to additive manufacturing and digital data distribution processes for critical and obsolete parts in a safe environment. The entire cooperation team consists of NCMS, Moog, Inc., Microsoft, Guardtime Federal, Identify3D and Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software, Inc. The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is the country`s largest interprofessional technology development organization dedicated to improving the competitiveness and strength of the U.S.

industrial base. As a member-based consortium, NCMS uses its network of members and partners to explore, develop, demonstrate and transform innovative technologies more efficiently, at lower risk and at a lower cost. NCMS connects industry, government and education to work together to develop technology and seize unique growth opportunities for their businesses. Visit our website at: Commercial Technologies tags for Contract Award Cooperative Convention CTMA Cooperative Convention CTMA Department of Defense DOD govcon lisa strama National Center for Manufacturing Sciences ncms «It is an honor to build on our CTMA successes and I look forward to DODs` confidence in NCMS. It reflects our excellence since the program`s inception and confirms the innovative technical and management solutions we expect for the next 5 years,» said Lisa Strama, President and CEO of NCMS.