Cra Collective Agreement Bereavement Leave

(b) the provisions of the collective agreement are drawn from the collective agreement before the transfer date to another non-federal public sector employer; 51.01 At the employer`s discretion, an employee may be entitled to an examination leave with remuneration for the purpose of establishing an examination carried out during the worker`s scheduled working time. Paid exam leave does not involve student leave. 5. If necessary, a medical certificate would generally be sufficient to support an application for sick leave with a salary. However, a medical certificate does not guarantee an automatic right to leave unless the collective agreement is explicit on this point. As has been found in many cases, particularly those involving concerted action, a medical certificate is not «Holy Scripture» because their authors are fallible and can be deceived. 31.04 A worker wishing to apply for leave or leave under this section must, as far as possible, dismiss the employer on time and no later than four (4) weeks before the requested absence period. In order to enhance security, severance pay under Clauses 19.05 to 19.08 of Annex «J» or similar provisions in other collective agreements does not reduce the calculation of the benefit for workers who have not left the public service. unpaid maternity leave covered in point (a) may be extended beyond the 18th (18) day following the onset of pregnancy for a period equal to that of the child`s hospitalization during which the worker was not on maternity leave, up to a maximum of 18 weeks (18 weeks). c) Notwithstanding paragraph 15.07, (a) and subject to paragraph 15.07 (d), a worker: if, on the date of the signing of this agreement or on the date on which a worker is subject to this agreement, he grants at least seventy-five hours (262.5) hours of unused leave leave acquired in previous years, i.e. at least seventy-five hours (75) hours per year.

, scheduled by mutual agreement or cash until March 31 of each year from March 31, 2001, until all leave credits of more than two hundred and sixty-two hours (262.5) hours are liquidated. The payment is made at one (1) rate per year and corresponds to the hourly wage calculated on the basis of the classification prescribed in the certificate of appointment of his physical position on March 31 of the current year of leave. 18.03 The deadlines set out in this article may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker and, if necessary, the representative of the Alliance.