Copy Of Agreement For Voluntary Coverage For Pf

The plant has set a timetable of 15 days until 15 April for the adoption of all these proposals. EPFO Headquarters also invited additional zonal CFPCCs to notify all approved proposals for voluntary coverage by April 30. New Delhi: The Pension Fund Organization Employees` Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has decided to complete the processing of all pending applications in about two months. A: VPF is the extension of EPF. On an EPF account, a person must give 12% of his base salary and the love allowance to the Fund. In a VPF, it is a voluntary contribution with a 100% cap. 6.Download the code letter with copies of all required documents and a copy of the completed application and send it to the EPFO office. Provide all original documents for verification by THE PFOA authorities during the audit. Pending the pre-trial detention procedure, the petitioner, together with his colleagues, requested 6.03.2006 to drop the reports under the law and to quash the proceedings under the law against the petitioner. This request was not accepted by the EPF authorities and was made in accordance with section 7Q of the Act and paragraph 14-B of the Law imposing damages in the event of a delay in assessment and the enforcement order under Section 8-F of the Act.

This decision was challenged by the petitioner before the High Court, Madras. The petitioner submitted to the High Court the following: The petitioner referred to the Madras High Court of «Sampath Kumaran and Co.», V. Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, in which the High Court stated that an institution of only four workers had voluntarily applied under Section 1 (4) of the Act, later, when the employer was rebuilt as a partnership. the employer and the workers applied for the exemption from liability under the law. The High Court found that despite the incorporation of the employer from a state of ownership to a partnership, since a majority of workers and the employer wish to withdraw from the liability under the law, the authorities are required to release it.