Articulation Agreement Laguardia Community College

Joint agreements are used to help students choose courses at community universities that can be transferred to a bachelor`s or associate degree at the university or university of their choice. Dominican College has a series of formal articulation agreements with community colleges, including those listed below. Transfering offers you an itinerary for the bachelor`s degree. Their credits for a course are transferred when the four-year-old university finds that the course fails with the one they offer. Here are some resources to ensure your success. New York University has developed partnerships with selected institutions to provide students with the means to move from their university or university to New York University or to acquire inter-university minors. Look for colleges based on different criteria and look at the PDFs below for specific details on the transfer to CUNY colleges. Paul Arcario, Ph.D., Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at LaGuardia, was pleased with the collaboration. «This articulation agreement allows LaGuardia`s 20,000 students to travel to St. John`s University as a close option to get their bachelor`s degree,» he said. «LaGuardia students will not need to go far to pursue their higher education.» LaGuardia has articulation agreements with a number of colleges.

These agreements ensure that your credits are transferred when you study in certain programs at LaGuardia and the four-year university. To view some of these chords, adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer. If you are considering transferring, consider transfer services. We are here to guide you in your experience, whether you put or go down. Our goal is to engage, educate and enable you to make informed decisions about the transfer process. If you change to LaGuardia, we will evaluate the credits you deserve. If you move from LaGuardia to a four-year university, we will assist you throughout the process to ensure your success. At a solemn ceremony on the campus of St. John`s Queens, NY, on March 22, a joint agreement was signed between the university and LaGuardia Community College, which creates a flawless process for students who wish to move from university to university.

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